Millennials have time in their hands to plan their finances. With much energy and vigor on their side, they have the chance to plan on what they earn and be prepared for the rainy day. The thing is, many careless about building a solid financial future for themselves which actually should not be the case in this age where many financial instruments are available to help.

 Have the right financial tips for millennials will help in daily money management and judicious use of funds. That is why the financial tips for millennials come in handy to guide them on how to deal with money. If looking for financial tips? here is a helping hand in the top 6 financial tips for millennials.

1. Know your Debt to Income Ratio

This is the starting point to effectively manage your money, one of the financial tips for millennials that can?t be ignored. The paramount tool for personal financial wellbeing is to understand how much comes in and how much goes out.

Your debt in this case is not talking about the usual debt. Simply put, the amount you pay for your expenses is your debt. It contains finances such as bills, wedding and holiday presents, among others. The income is all encompassing. It is the money you bring into the household from assets like your salary, and money that you earn in your free time or income earned from stocks and other investments.

When you know exactly where you stand on debt against income, you can take the next step forward to create wealth as easily as you should.  One of the helpful financial tips for millennials is the use of a reliable mobile app such as Debt Tracker to evaluate your debt-to-income ratio consistently.

2. Keep a Budget and Prioritize

Don?t spend what you don?t budget for. Keeping a budget is one of the essential financial tips for millennials. It?s not about depriving yourself. If you don?t have a budget, you won?t know where your money goes.

Once you have a budget, you’ll actually put your financial excess on check. Every successful business has a budget, and so should you have one in place to direct your finances.

A budget is your guide in financial planning. It is one of the best financial tips for millennials that dictates how much money goes where whether to pay for bills, food, education, travel and entertainment and other household demands including unforeseen medical bills and unavoidable repairs, among other items.

Estimate your regular revenue and expenses, ideally monthly, to build your budget, since most bills are paid for that.

You may cut down on household expenses in favor of investments such as retirement savings, home purchases and the payment of a debt. Again, good mobile financial software will help. Try PocketGuard to track your expenses better.

3. Save your Best in Retirement Savings

Savings ranks tops among financial tips for millennials. Save as much as you can.

Save the maximum amount you can in pension accounts. Every ?100 you save will be worth ?1,000 over 45 years at a pretty conservative 6 percent annual return rate. When you wait until you are 45 to save the same ?100, it?ll be worth only a little over ?5000 when you’re 70 before you retire.

4. Have an Emergency Fund

Yes, you are young and strong, but you may face a job loss, injury or illness, a major repair of household vehicles or even a small-scale enterprise. An emergency fund is one of the top financial tips for millennials to help during emergencies.

This can be covered by an emergency fund. With a wage and benefit equivalent of three months it should help you survive short-term financial difficulties.

Begin to grow an emergency fund by taking out 10 percent of your monthly income into a high return savings account.

5. Have a Financial Goal in Place

Of the top financial tips for millennials is goal setting.

What are your financial plans for years to come? Experts in the financial industry will advise that you should have short to medium and then long-term financial goals.

You must have statistical information that is backed by a time frame. Your goal must have a quantity and a time limit. Don’t say such as in three or six months, because you’ll want to drive the goal forward. Set yourself a specific deadline so you always work towards it.

The short and medium-term targets can be reached each month, every four months, every two years and every year depending on what you have set for it. By splitting a major goal into small, achievable mini-goals, that’s how we get things down. One of the helpful financial tips for millennials you can get is in accommodation.

Still on financial tips for millennials?For those who want to purchase a property, Help to Buy Isa provides the best versatility to help with home purchase costs.

In the first month after opening the account, savers may put aside ? 1,200 and then ? 200 a month. When you complete your first property, you receive a government bonus of 25 pc. The estimated savings is ? 12,000, which provides a total government bonus of ? 3,000.

The Help to Buy Isa is only available for new savers until the end of November 2019. The Lifetime Isa replaces this ? savers who invest ? 4,000 a year, are boosted by a 25pc government bonus. Savers are entitled to use Lifetime Isa to purchase a property.

6. Start to Invest

Another valuable financial tip for millennials is investment. Of course, it’s crucial to save money, like to purchase a home, pay off your debts, and when you’ve done that it’s very important to start saving.

Canna has said, in offering financial tips for millennials, that a property portfolio provides the best way of building a long-term residual income by going for one property at a time.

Now start developing investment portfolios, your retirement investment and insurance fund will be your investment portfolio. Look out for other investment opportunities.

How do I get into the markets?

Most of us have no experience or resources to choose businesses to invest in personally, and this is a good place for fund managers to come in to assist.

There is so much to talk about on financial tips for millennials. Hopefully, these few financial tips for millennials should give you a direction to take control of your finances.

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