Lenders in Britain offer a wide range of personal loans such as long-term loans, short-term loans, personal loans and other specialized loans. A payday loan is a popular option for instant lending which many borrowers take advantage of. The best online payday loan is easy to access, pays quickly and more importantly, approved by the government and regulatory authorizes.

With many payday loan service providers on the market, we have put together a list of the best online payday loan around. To help your search, here are the best online payday loan providers in the UK.

Uncle Buck

Since 2004, Uncle Buck Finance LLP is the UK’s leading provider of payday loans, the reason it is one of the best online payday loan providers. The fully functional direct loan service offers short-term payment loans. The company provides easy solutions for financial emergencies. Payday Loan is offered at 1249.2% APR. The “Apply Now” button lets you access the application form and fill in the details you need, including the amount. As a service that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) applicants, among other requirements must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be Permanent UK resident
  2. Over 18 years
  3. Must be employed
  4. Not under a bankruptcy proceeding or in debt management.
  5. Have a salary bank account
  6. Possess functioning email address and mobile phone


QuickQuid is one of the best online payday loan providers in the UK for many reasons.

QuickQuid is a licensed lending company supervised by the FCA. You can get a payday loan at 1294.1% APR from this company. The agency is also a member of CIFAS in addition to being McAfee and VeriSign Secured, giving users more of security. For a first-timer, the borrower is entitled to a payday loan of up to ? 1000, and will later qualify for a ? 1,500 loan. The process of applying is quick and easy. The condition for qualification is the same as required by Uncle Buck.


Payday loans from Satsuma range from ? 100 – ? 2000. This service qualifies to be one of the best online payday loan providers because it has no unexpected charges when you have trouble complying with repayment dates. The loan can be repaid within three to 12 months. The firm, as a direct lender, has been lending for many years now. There are other reasons for taking this direct lender into account for financial emergencies. All of your questions are answered by a professional digital customer service team. The good understanding between the operators and their customers make them stand out.


This is an FCA licensed payday loan provider backed by years of financial experience. The Company gives out quick loans regardless of credit score of the applicant. We consider this service one of the best online payday loan lenders because it is one of the best-rated fast cash loans for short-term needs. The consumer strategy separates this company from other alternatives. Loans of up to ?1000 are also available for bad credit holders.

On Stride

CashEuroNet UK, LLC has been running On Stride Financial since 2014. For its good 4.80/5 rating, it is one of the best online payday loan lenders on the market. The agency handles a range of personal loans including a loan of ?50 to ?1,000 per day. Transparency is the agency’s mantra to make customers feel confident about their services. Your funds will be provided within 10 minutes of the approval of the company. If your interest is a service that provides you with a repayment plan spanning weeks, you can rest assured to get the cover from On Stride.

Lending Stream

It is a sub-company of GAIN Credit LLC-a FCA-regulated subsidiary of GAIN Credit Inc. Since 2008, Lending Stream has offered several short-term loans. As one of the best online payday loan providers, the agency provides a number of loans with an additional benefit for a longer repayment period of up to six months. It is a five-star agency that provides a 1333 per cent APR.

Piggy Bank

The Piggy Bank was established in 2012. As one of the best online payday loan lenders, it seeks to benefit both the rich and the poor and add creative flair to high demand financial products so that even poor borrowers can achieve the best for short-term and long-term lending. The operational approach is’ Customers First.’ The APR average is 1698.1%. Personalized policies make this agency one of the best online payday loan choices for hundreds of employed.


The company was established in 2010 to provide short term personal loans. It’s a good choice for a high payday loan as the agency gives ?150??5000 payday loans with a good repayment facility. The company uses encryption software, such as VeriSign Secured / McAfee Safe, to secure valuable data. Another explanation for working with the business is the membership in the Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance Scheme (CIFAS) and the Consumer Finance Association (CFA). This recognition along with others makes it qualify as one of the best online payday loan.

Mr Lender

Mr Lender is the trade name of PDL Finance Limited, one of the best online payday loan providers. PDL Finance Limited is licensed and governed under registration number 673310 by the Financial Conduct Authority. Each application with this company shall be subject to a credit check and an assessment to ascertain the borrower can repay the loan. Borrowing for the first time is limited to ?500 for applicants. Be sure you will be able to meet up with repayment terms because the company state can report late or missed payments to credit agencies. That won?t be good for your credit rating and make it harder and more expensive in the future. Fund transfers are normally within one hour of approval.

SafetyNet credit

We consider SafetyNet Credit as one of the best online payday loans because of its unique approach. With credit limits of ?500 for first-timers and ?1000 for existing users, SNC provides a revolving credit line.

If approved, your credit limit increases for your next request. Funds will be transferred to directly to your bank account within 15 minutes of approval.

SafetyNet Credit provides a revolving credit line with no minimum or maximum conditions of repayment. It offers a Representative 68.7 per cent APR. You are taking a financial commitment when you borrow from SafetyNet Credit. Failure to make payments or missed payments could adversely affect your credit history. Subscribers will go through affordability evaluation assessment.

Every lender can claim to be the best online payday loan lender but it rests in the hands of the borrower to do the needful. Finding the best online payday loan takes some effort in research. Be thorough in this and compare the different options you have before deciding on the best online payday loan for you. Our list of the best online payday loan service providers have been researched and qualify to be among the very best.