For the million and one reasons to need some quick cash, there are an equal number of ways to get it. Here are 7 of our favourite legitimate ways of getting money fast without a loan.

  1. YOUR JUNK, SOMEONE ELSE?S TREASURE. With apps and websites to sell virtually everything, perform a quick search to see the fastest/easiest/most profitable way to get rid of your un- wanted/needed/used items and make some quick cash.
  2. GET GIG-Y WITH IT. Join the 4.7 million and counting Brits freelancing, temp-working and sharing resources through online marketplaces in the gig economy. The sky is literally the limit here with opportunities ranging from mowing the lawn to loaning out your private jet (ahem, right).?
  3. A PENNY FOR A THOUGHT. Well, thankfully it can be more lucrative than that, as signing up to survey sites can provide you an easy, flexible, steady source of extra cash. Plenty to choose from so make sure you check the T&C?s and some reviews to make sure you choose one right for you.
  4. UP YOUR SCREEN TIME. You heard us right, there are actually sites that will pay you in cash or gift cards to watch videos online. Don?t quit your day job, but this can be an easy way to make a few quick bucks.
  5. TRY YOUR LUCK ?COMPING. Certainly not a sure-fire way to earn cash, but if you have the spare time and luck of the Irish there are thousands of online contests out there offering prizes from grocery shop gift cards right up to all expenses holidays. True ?compers have a system and enter hundreds a day so do some research beforehand to come up with a strategy.
  6. SHOP IT LIKE IT?S HOT. From snapping a shop display to checking a price, there are platforms offering cash for small-tasks in your area. It?s luck of the draw but if you have flexibility and respond quickly when they are posted you can earn some easy fast cash.
  7. DOUBLE UP ON MYSTERY MEALS. Similar to #6 but typically in the form of a feedback questionnaire, there are jobs to dine at restaurants for free AND get paid! There are options to sign up with mystery shopper sites or sometimes restaurants will offer directly. Take me to free lunch