When going for a loan, you have different types and options to choose from. You have unsecured and secured loans, peer-to-peer loans and guarantor loans. You can choose the traditional banking option if you utilise a more efficient online option. Whichever you choose, is either you access your loan directly or via a partner company.

What Is Direct Lenders Loans?

Direct lenders loans are loans the issuer is directly responsible for providing you with the loans. When you need money quickly, you can?t afford to waste time and energy approaching brokers and third-party agents.

The direct lenders loans can be accessed both from online lenders and from local lending stores which offer such services locally. Nonetheless, most people who need quick cash and lending ease prefer online direct lenders loans.

Therefore, online direct lenders loans companies are the best places to borrow money in personal emergencies. The entire loan process is carried out by the direct lending company; everything that has to do with the loan is handled in-house by direct lenders loans providers. It offers a quicker turnaround compared to a broker.

There are other facts about these types of lenders you don?t yet know. In this article, we shall take a look at 5 more things about Direct Lenders Loans you may not have known.

1. Direct Lender Loans Protect your Privacy

Direct lenders consider customer data privacy very important during loan processing. Sophisticated data security strategies are used to prevent unauthorised or third-party access to your information. Your personal, as well as financial data, are protected since your information does not go from an agent to another. With Direct Lender loans, your email address, telephone number or bank account details will not be passed to a third-party website. Using this type of loan providers ensures your data is safe and you can be sure they are not sold to third party organisations.

2. Direct Lender Loans are Faster

With an intermediary taken out of the way during the processing, direct lender loans are processed faster for the loan subscriber. Borrowers go through a shorter waiting time compared to when they approach a third-party agent for this.

Many direct lenders respond to your query within 24 hours. You will certainly understand that somehow the waiting time is short no matter whether you get approved or rejected. The same firm that accepts your application also gives out the money, it becomes much faster.

3. Direct Lender loans have no Broker Fees and so are Cheaper

If you apply for online loans through direct loan providers, there are no brokers and thus no third parties involved. Therefore, there are no extra costs such as broker fees, service fees and other hidden charges. Direct lenders loans from lenders are therefore cheap compared to online loans by brokers or third parties.

Brokers serve as intermediaries for various lender platforms while direct lender loans are processed by the lending company. The broker company source customers for the creator of the loan and charge brokerage fees which is often passed to the customer. Direct lender loans bypass this phase and provide the loans directly.

4. Direct Lenders Loans are Simple and Straightforward

Direct loan service is always straightforward. Applying for direct lenders loans cuts out the delays, you would have encountered if you go through an affiliated agent of the company. When you are dealing with a broker, the broker takes your application and later connects you to the direct lenders which they are affiliated.

A broker is restricted by the particular lender’s guidelines. The broker has no power to waive those requirements to make the company a success. A direct lender loan sets its eligibility requirements, which ensures that under some circumstances it is willing to waive them.

5. Personalized Experience

Choosing to go with direct lenders loans when you apply for a loan gives you the benefit of flexibility. Dealing directly with lenders can provide you with additional privileges such as offering you products tailored to meet your specific needs as you build a strong relationship with the company. This doesn?t? happened with a broker company because they are governed strictly by the lender?s guidelines and regulations.

Dealing with a direct lender for your loans affords you to enjoy some waivers if you can present your case appropriately.

6. Better Transparency

Direct lenders loans companies that offer direct online loans are typically licensed or FCA authorised lenders with a high degree of transparency. When you deal with a company directly, you don?t have any fear or doubts about the stages the processing has gone. They also make sure to be as open as possible to win your trust and retain you much longer with them. They will readily explain all terms and charges of the loan to you as required.

7. Direct Communication

Communication is key in any business transaction. One area that sets direct lenders loans apart is the communication path. With no third party company in between, you communicate directly with the loan issuer when you choose direct lenders loans option. This also protects your financial and personal information from getting into wrong hands. Therefore, the complete details of the loan remain between you and the direct lender concerned. You communicate directly with direct lenders which offer you the loan directly instead of partnering with a broker that is simply an intermediary.

Direct lenders loans surely have a lot of advantages for the borrower. Whether you choose to get your loan through the conventional banking system which also offers a direct loan structure to its customers, you get a lot more benefits with this mode than going through a broker company.