We hope all of our customers are staying safe & healthy.  Now is a tough time everywhere, and we are doing everything we can to help our customers at this challenging time.

We have very clear aims, which remain unaffected by the Coronavirus Pandemic:

  • We want to be a great company to do business with.
  • We want to continue to provide our borrowers with access to financial resources.
  • We want to offer assistance to customers who have been negatively impacted by an unexpected event.
  • Our customer service can continue without interruption which means that our staff can and will continue to support you wherever they are and wherever you are.

Supporting you

As always, our customer support agents are available to help you. Our dedicated team is reviewing the situation every day so that we can adapt to any sudden changes and we?re monitoring your questions to help improve the quality and speed of our service. There are no banks involved, so there are no lengthy decision making processes to worry about, just efficient, transparent and most importantly responsible practices on our side. We pride ourselves on our forbearance, helping any customer that enters financial difficulty or have any other requirements.

We are reviewing each case on an individual basis and are currently helping customers who are already experiencing financial difficulties (or reasonably expect to experience temporary payment difficulties) as a result of COVID-19. If you believe you fall into the above category, then we may be able to offer you a payment holiday or the option of a reduced payment plan. We can only do this once we’ve had the opportunity to discuss your personal circumstances to ensure the right solution is provided, so please get in touch to talk if you need support.

Please note if you are a furloughed worker being paid the majority or 100% of your salary, and your financial situation hasn’t been impacted, it is unlikely that a payment holiday would be appropriate. You should think carefully before making use of a payment plan and only do so if you need to.

As we progress through this crisis, The Money Platform has the ability to continue to provide you with the financial support and help that you deserve.

If you have any questions, concerns or issues, please call us directly on 020 3962 1696 or alternatively you can contact us here; https://themoneyplatform.com/contact-us

Please stay safe.